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Chemical cleaners are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum. Many of them are not biodegradable. This means they really never go away, but only threaten our rivers, lakes, streams and wildlife. Toxins are also emitted into the air and pollute the air we breathe.

If you’re looking for a pre-made, non-toxic cleaner, there are a myriad of companies dedicated to providing safe products that really work and are available at your local grocery and co-ops. Keep in mind that, by law, companies are not required to list ingredients on the label, so look for those that share this information with you. Find out about the companies you are buying from and support those who truly care about our environment.

Remember, if you are switching out your toxic cleaners for green ones make sure you bring your old cleaners to a local municipal waste facility near you. They will take them at no cost to you and dispose of them properly to save these from further contaminating our rivers, lakes, streams and wildlife.

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