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Orluck Organic Commercial Cleaning

About us
Orluck Organic gets the dirt out without bringing chemicals in! The cleaners we use are non-toxic, biodegradable and have not been tested on animals. They naturally disinfect and deodorize leaving your home clean and smelling fresh. Of course behind our natural cleaning products is a trained Orluck Organic team member who is putting in some tough elbow grease that really adds the boost for a complete clean in your home. We use the following products to tackle all your cleaning needs:

Baking Soda: non-abrasive scrubbing power-whitens-neutralizes odors
Borax: non-abrasive cleanser- disinfects-removes stains- neutralizes odors, fungicide
Castile Soap: all purpose cleaner-cleans and rinses with exceptional power yet is mild and gentle on skin
Pure Essential Oils: non-toxic fragrance-disinfects-cleans and freshens air-positively impacts mood!
Hydrogen Peroxide: disinfects- removes stains-whitens
Lemon: citric acid is one of nature’s great cleaners-disinfects-removes stains and odors-fragrant
Olive Oil: polishes and conditions most wood
Salt: mild disinfectant-mild abrasive scouring powder
White Vinegar: disinfects-removes stains- neutralizes odors-cuts through dirt and grease- shines chrome-helps to remove water stains and mineral deposits

Our team will bring all of the necessary tools to clean your home including a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. This vacuum uses a water bath filtration system along with a HEPA neutralizer filtration system which traps 99.997% of household dirt. When we're finished the water is simply flushed down the toilet so we never bring other people's dirt into your home.

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