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Orluck Organic Commercial Cleaning

About us

Tips to prepare for a successful cleaning day.
Try to pick-up before we arrive.
We will always straighten as we clean but it helps us to give you a deeper clean if the house is picked up before we arrive (examples: toys put away, vanity cleared, clothes picked up, sink and countertops free of dishes).

If you need to schedule an extra task.
If you would like to schedule an extra task to your cleaning day, please contact us ahead of time so we can be prepared and allow time in our cleaning day. An estimate can be given for these jobs prior to your cleaning. Learn more about the extra jobs we provide.

Our cancellation policy.
We appreciate it if cancellations or rescheduling be done at least 48 hours in advance to help us book someone else if possible. If cancellations occur beyond that time a cancellation fee may apply.

If we are not able to get into your home for a scheduled cleaning we will still require payment for the cleaning. Please see the entry info below to ensure we can get in for your scheduled cleaning, especially if you are not there.

How we enter your home.
Orluck Organic will enter your home in whatever way you feel most comfortable. In the event you are not home upon our arrival, please provide us with a key, garage code, lock box code and any alarm directions we may need. If you provide us with a key we will label it so that it cannot be linked to your home. Also any codes you give us will be kept in a safe place where they also cannot be linked to your home. In the event we misplace your key, Orluck Organic will pay for the cost of having another one made, but will not be held liable to rekey your home.

Please let us know if you're expecting a guest or other household service while we are cleaning. We do not want to let in any strangers or keep out any friends!

Your special pets.
We love animals and enjoy having them there while we clean. If your pets have any specific needs please let us know so we can stay consistent in taking care of them while we clean.

Please no smoking.
As a courtesy and health benefit to our employees, Orluck Organic will not clean homes that are consistently smoked in.

Your payment.
Payments are due upon receipt. An invoice will be left for you at the end of each cleaning and can be mailed to the address below. Monthly payments are available upon request. Orluck Organic accepts cash or check. Payments may also be set up through a bill pay service offered by most banks.

Please make payments to:
Orluck Organic
PO Box 2302
Maple Grove MN 55311

Your referrals.
We appreciate referrals and want to thank you. Refer a new client and you'll receive $50 towards your next cleaning!*

*After 4 cleanings from new client.

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